Transmit Xbox Edition

While working on Mac meet Xbox part 3, I kept referring to the Transmit and Xbox duo, so I decided to combine the two into a stylish Xbox Edition icon replacement, which includes a paste-able icon, .png image, a replacement .icns file, and the source .psd. Download the set.

To replace Transmit’s yellow-and-purple truck icon with the “new and improved” one, locate it in your Applications folder (or wherever you may have it stored), Control-click it, and choose Show Package Contents. Browse to the Contents/Resources folder, and find Transmit.icns. This is the icon file for the application, so rename it to Transmit.bak for safe keeping in the event you would like to return to the default icon. Drop in the replacement icns file provided in the pack, and name it Transmit.icns. You may need to relaunch the Finder or log out/in to get the full effect, after which Transmit will sport the new Xbox delivery truck icon!

Transmit Xbox Edition

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