The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a replacement for Apple’s relatively hidden “BOMArchiveHelper” application, which is responsible for the Zip, Tar, and gzip abilities built into the Finder. Not only does The Unarchiver come pre-loaded with much better icons, but it handles Zip, Tar, gzip, bzip2, RAR (including multi-part RAR), 7-zip, StuffIt (but not SitX, sadly), and many other formats. Installation is as easy as dropping the program somewhere on disk, perhaps in /Applications, and then associating preferred formats to be opened with The Unarchiver. I find it’s a much better archive handler than Apple’s own, and the “brown box” icons help differentiate compressed files from regular documents.

The Unarchiver

5 thoughts on “The Unarchiver

  1. Xavier Kreiss says:

    The Unarchiver is indeed fast and useful. But it freezes from time to time. Worse: the window that says “extracting etc” will not close when clicking on the cross sign. This is not important, as one can just minimize it – send it to the Dock – and use something else (Stuffit etc).

    Trashing the preference file and restarting the Mac fixes the problem.

    Again, not a big one, but a weakness nonetheless.


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