Now IE Friendly

Thanks to a reader, Command-Tab now looks presentable in Internet Explorer 5.x or greater. While Firefox is the most popular browser among visitors, IE and Safari are almost tied for second place. Thanks to everyone for your continuing positive feedback and support!

Now IE Friendly

3 thoughts on “Now IE Friendly

  1. das7282 says:

    In Firefox (Mac and PC) and IE (PC only) your comments box (the box I’m writing in now) still intersects the right link menu. I see from your source that you have the column width on the text area set to 60 (col=60). You should reduce this to 50 or 45 to see if it helps. It’ll look a little thiner in Safari but at least it will look right in all browsers. (Strangely enough, it looks fine in IE for Mac).

    Also, In IE on a PC your right links menu is being displayed below the comments box. This also is probably because it’s too wide.


  2. das7282 says:

    I’m happy to help. I see you fixed it! :D

    Everything is displaying correctly in all browsers on my end.

    Great site by the way. Keep up the good work. ;p


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