By Collin Allen

Wooden iPod Hack

July 4, 2005

A user on the bit-tech forums has created a polished wooden iPod front panel, including covers for the scrolls wheel and select button. Done with a Dremel rotary tool, the faceplate is actually wooden replica of the white plastic half of the iPod case. A new Lexan screen cover was cut to fit, and when done and polished, this mod looks absolutely stunning. Check out all the photos at the Flickr gallery. [via]

Command-Line iSight Tool

July 3, 2005

A new utility, isightcapture, is a small command-line program to grab frames from an attached FireWire iSight camera. It also has built-in sizing and formatting options. It’s a great tool for developers or users who are mildly familier with the Unix environment, and have a need to grab images from an iSight. It could also be built into a webcam application, a script to upload periodic captures to a webserver, or a similar project. Check it out!


July 3, 2005

I’ll second Jon’s recommendation of AcidSearch. I, too, was a SafariKeywords addict, but disappointed with the lack of a Tiger update. AcidSearch is a much better replacement, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Google Maps Address Book Plugin

July 1, 2005

That was quick! Following the release of the Google Maps API, Brian Toth has created an Address Book plugin which adds a “Google Map” menu option when you click on someone’s address field. Installation is very straightforward, making for a quick Address Book addition which will come in handy. Check it out.