Coda 1.5

The developers at Panic have been very busy for the last several months preparing a major update for their one-window web development app (covered earlier), Coda, and have finally delivered. Coda 1.5 brings tons of new features like multi-file search, customizable books, “reverse publish”, and more, but the one that really takes the cake is full Subversion support. None of that bolted-on nonsense, either — Panic went out of their way to carefully weave Subversion into the interface, presenting commands as needed. The update is also free for registered owners.

If Coda is your primary tool for web development, and you already use Subversion, you’re most likely aware of Versions and Cornerstone, but now you can toss both of those apps and have your source code management built right into your leafy-green development environment. And, after reading how to go about setting up Subversion on MediaTemple, your Mac web development paradise should be complete, ready to start developing all those killer web apps you’ve been pondering. Check out Coda and get coding!

Coda 1.5

2 thoughts on “Coda 1.5

  1. Kevin Morris says:

    How are you liking Coda 1.5? I went back to 1.1 after less than a day. They dropped ColdFusion support, crashed twice on me, and had serious issues uploading via FTP. And they’re trying to convince me I should pay $99 for this?


  2. So far Coda 1.5 has been a big improvement for me. Subversion support was something I desperately wanted to see, and they nailed it.

    Have you tried trashing Coda’s preferences to see if that made a difference?


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