Hiding Your “Untitled” Boot Camp Drive

After getting back to Boot Camp from a dual-boot Mac OS X system, I remembered how disappointing it was that I couldn’t rename the Windows NTFS volume from “Untitled” to something more appropriate. The Garbage In Garbage Out blog has a tip that will accomplish the next best thing: Hide the Boot Camp volume from your Desktop.

Using the SetFile utility from the Developer Tools package that came with your Mac (on the second disc), you can effectively remove the volume from view in the Finder, while not affecting its normal operation or visibility anywhere else in the system. Great tip!

Hiding Your “Untitled” Boot Camp Drive

7 thoughts on “Hiding Your “Untitled” Boot Camp Drive

  1. Incidentally, you can rename the Windows partition; just boot into Windows, name the drive there, and when you reboot into Mac OS X, the new name will appear. This definitely works in Vista as that’s how my MacBook is set up; haven’t tried it with XP though I can’t think why it wouldn’t work.


  2. Diego says:

    I thought that you could just drag the BootCamp Drive off the Finder window and it will not show up again. Now, I had BootCamp installed on my machine, so I may not be remembering correctly.


  3. Regarding Christopher’s comment: I just tried renaming my C: partition in Windows XP, and indeed the name change does affect Mac OS X’s display (under Leopard 10.5.3). Great tip!


  4. Or..... says:

    Haven’t tried it yet on my mac, but supposedly renaming the partition to a name beginning with a ‘.’ prevents mac from mounting it at all, yet maintains the boot option.


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