WRT54G Won’t Upgrade

After half an hour of messing around with my Linksys WRT54G v5 hardware, I was finally able to upgrade the firmware on the device. I try to maintain a secure setup by using WPA encryption, HTTPS web-based management, and Ethernet-only administration. However, it seems that all my conscientiousness worked against me when attempting to upgrade from v1.00.6 to 1.00.9. For reasons known only to Linksys, you can’t upgrade the firmware while logged in over HTTPS. The kicker, though, is that you get no warning or indication that anything is malfunctioning — the upgrade simply doesn’t happen. A text-based progress bar is displayed for about 3 minutes, and (about one in three times) you get the following stupid error:

Upgrade are failed.

The solution to this is to re-enable plain HTTP administration, log in unencrypted, and then retry the upgrade.

WRT54G Won’t Upgrade

9 thoughts on “WRT54G Won’t Upgrade

  1. Martin S says:

    Do you recommend the WRT54G anyway even if the upgrades seems to be painfull? My old dlink 624+ dies all the time and I need a new router. I want the Airport Express USB and audio things but need extra ethernet for my server. Is the WRT54G a good choise?


  2. I do like my WRT54G, but I just happened to run into a slightly obscure problem. HTTP is the default method for accessing the device, but by using HTTPS, I unknowingly caused problems. All that aside, I would still recommend the WRT54G.

    I use a Netgear router at work, and it’s *horrible*. We have to reset it at least once a day because it simply locks up.


  3. I have a WRT54G v2 and love it. If you can’t find anything pre-v5 then go with a WRT54GL. The ‘L’ model “returns to a Linux-based internal OS as opposed to the v5’s VxWorks firmware”. (source Wikipedia)


  4. I have an AirPort Express and enjoy it a lot, however, I miss having more than one Ethernet port. It’s a nice little device that’s great for home audio or going on vacation to an Ethernet-equipped hotel, but it does not make the cut for a full time home router. And rightly so — it wasn’t designed for this. Lets hope Apple comes out with an A/V model on Monday!


  5. Robert says:

    Man am I glad I found your post. I never would have guessed that it was the HTTPS causing my problem. What morons. Thanks for posting it!


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