Doom Lottery Machine

I work at a small but fantastic place fixing up computer hardware of all kinds. Most of the time, this involves desktop PCs, laptops, and rackmount servers, but every so often a unique item comes by that makes you wonder what it’s capable of. Today, this item was a Montana state lottery ticket machine. While the machines used ancient computer hardware and had no trace of lottery related data (darn!), I did spend a couple minutes testing it and, naturally, launching Doom! The LCD on the machine was monochrome and only used the top left quarter of the video output. With some configuration, video could probably be sized to use the available space, but I didn’t want to put more than a couple minutes into hacking, as this is work, after all.

Click below for larger images at Flickr.

Doom Lottery Machine

9 thoughts on “Doom Lottery Machine

  1. Yeah,I had a similar problem testing out some hardware here in the UK.Very frustrating whwne up market technology is being used to suffice a relatively simple proceedure.


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