ChapterTool for Gapless Audio

Here’s a unique use for ChapterTool: combine audio tracks from a “gapless” audio CD into one file, but maintain chapters as different songs. Combining songs in this way lets you play the album straight through without gaps, but still allows the choice of song by skipping though chapters. The iPod image near the bottom makes it quite clear as to how it works. Check out the tutorial on wanderingFocus.

ChapterTool for Gapless Audio

One thought on “ChapterTool for Gapless Audio

  1. Create Gapless Audio from CDs with iTunes

    Here’ s a tutorial from wanderingFocus (via Command-Tab) that shows how to preserve gapless tracks when importing a CD into iTunes, for burning to another CD or for listening on an iPod. The key is to import them all into a single file and make chapt…


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