Spam Crashing

Is anyone else having a problem with spam e-mail crashing For some reason, messages that have a lot of links cause Mail to lock up and eat CPU time while loading messages, or to simply not quit. After several “delete message, force quit” cycles, it goes away. It also happens when I receive en amil containing links intended to be comment spam on this site. Very odd.

Spam Crashing

3 thoughts on “Spam Crashing

  1. mmjr777 says:

    Yo! I experienced a similar problem for the first time yesterday. Upon waking the PB (1.65 MHz, 1 MB RAM, X 10.4.2, one admin account, one ‘everyday’ full rights account, one ‘everyday’ managed account) and launching Mail (full rights account), it stalled and would not display the contents of any folder (usual inbox, sent, draft, trash, two smart mail boxes), with the spinning beach ball of death signalling problems; interestingly, Mail would launch properly within the admin account. After the usual voodoo (repairing permissions, selectively moving and renaming Mail-related folders, and cursing, I decided to trash, located in /Users//Library/Preferences, which restored Mail’s behavior. All I had to do was reenter some preferences and (so far), Mail has been working properly. Hope this helps.


  2. Matt says:

    Obviously the complex bayesian filtering of has evolved into an AI capable of predicting spam before it happens… or.. something


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