Clear Cube

Flickr member macphile removed the metal RF shielding from the inside of his G4 Cube and reassembled it, leaving a crystal clear case showing the inner workings. Check out all the photos at Flickr under the Clear Cube photoset.

Despite the Cube’s shortcomings, I still think it’s a killer little machine. It doesn’t surprise me that many companies are producing upgrades for it to this day. It’s also great to see a dedicated circle of people making cool things out of almost collector’s item Apple hardware like the Cube, the Newton, and others.

Clear Cube

One thought on “Clear Cube

  1. I just had to remove the shielding. Ridiculously easy instructions:
    1. Pop the core and set it aside.
    2. Remove two phillips and four torx 10 screws from the shield assembly and remove.
    3. Drill out four rivets holding the top to the sides.
    4. Return the top plate (with latch grips) to the enclosure.
    5. Replace the core.

    I noticed that if you move the cube much, the power switch can become “depressed” and switch the computer off. I disconnected it and used the power button on my ADC LCD instead.


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