iPod Hacks

I’ve got a few more iPod hacks planned if I can come up with the hardware. So, I’m on the hunt for more dead or “injured” iPods, preferably 3rd or 4th Gen…although 2nd might do. If anyone has an iPod with a dead hard drive they’re willing to part with, send me an email using the link on the right :-) I’ll also happily do iPod battery installations, if anyone’s in need of a quick repair.

iPod Hacks

4 thoughts on “iPod Hacks

  1. I am wondering if it is possible to replace the lousy pos toshiba drives with hitachi 1.8’s. I know they use the same connectors, and some ipods even ship with these drives. I have a 4th Gen 20gig and was thinking about putting a hitachi 30 or 60gig in it (if it can use it)

    * 600G operating shock
    * 1500G non-operating shock

    Hitachi Rocks..
    Toshiba is made of glass in comparison.. that and I have never had any luck with a toshiba hd.


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