By Collin Allen


June 6, 2005

Inquisitor is a Safari plugin which adds predicting capabilities to Safari’s search field, complete with star ratings. Possible search matches visibly sort as you type, making for a great interface. I would expect nothing less from it’s creator, David Watanabe, who is best known for NewsFire and Acquisition. All his applications have fantastic easy-to-use interfaces with a distinct Aqua sparkle that I look forward to every time I launch them.

While not mentioned anywhere that I can find, a quick peek at TCP traffic with Eavesdrop revealed that Inquisitor is powered by Google Suggest. I think this is it’s most important feature; Google’s wealth of information is based on what’s available on the web, and this is what is searched when you type, not a predefined list of words. This helps keep plugin size to a minimum and information updated. Still in beta, Inquisitor already feels as if it’s ready for full time use. Check it out.