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Following two posts on, I felt I should mention the easiest way I’ve found to get content over your network to Xbox Media Center.

For those who don’t know what it is, Xbox Media Center (XBMC for short) is an Xbox program that plays just about any kind of multimedia you can throw at it. It’s like the turbo-charged VLC for your TV. Not only does it play standard MPEG-1 (.mpg) video and audio files, is plays MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, Audio CD, AAC, MP3, AC3, DTS, M4A, JPG, PNG…the whole alphabet soup of media types. The best part is that it all happens behind the scenes. You don’t have to worry about telling it specific information about what kind of file you’re dealing with. It just works. And here’s where this tip comes in – XBMC can also use the Xbox’s built-in networking to access computers on your network via Samba sharing (and various other streaming protocols, too, like XNS) and iTunes sharing (DAAP).

So how do you share media from your computer to your Xbox? You can follow one of the two tips above, but the way you’re about to learn is much quicker, and the program you use to accomplish it is quite handy. A great little tool called SharePoints lets you create Windows and Mac network shares without making a new user for them, as the network sharing is built into the OS, but there is no Apple-provided solution for managing them. With SharePoints open (either the preference pane or the application), fill in Share Name with a short name like “Movies”, set the Owner permissions to “r” for read-only (the Xbox has no reason to write to that directory), and choose a Directory for the new share. The Directory that you set is where the share actually pulls files from on your computer, so you would want to pick something that matches what your Share Name indicates – Movies for movies, Photos for pictures, etc. Then, under the “Windows (SMB) Sharing” popup menu, choose “Shared (+)”, and click “Create New Share.” Now that you have a folder available to your Xbox from your computer, it’s time to tell your Xbox how to get to it.

If you’re previously set up Xbox Media Center, this step should be easy. Inside the XboxMediaCenter.xml UserData/sources.xml configuration file, add a new block of code the line inside the appropriate section (photos, movies, or music). 8/1/2006 Update: See this post regarding changes to the way XBMC handles network shares.

XboxMediaCenter.xml Config Example

Give the share a short name within the name tags, which will be shown onscreen. Then replace username, password, ip, and share above with your Mac user’s username and password, your Mac’s IP address, and the Share Name you created in SharePoints. Save the modified file to your Xbox via FTP, and reboot your Xbox. When XBMC starts, you should be able to browse files on your Mac using your Xbox, and play them right over your network.

Sharing Media to XBMC

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  1. Very cool, thanks for the tip. I previously had “ln -s” style aliases to my movie folder in my user folder, but it was messy – especially with all the .something folders and files that got displayed. This is much cleaner!


  2. Paul says:

    I’ve been using sharepoints for over 5 months now without a hitch. ever since the 4.01.05 CVS xbmc update, I can’t access my smb shares on my mac. I’m looking all over the net and several mac users have had this problem but no one knows the fix. Some think it’s a security update on the mac side that messed things up.. Are your smb shares still working with sharepoint ? Let me knw thanks.


  3. On your post.. U forgot to mention to name a WORKGROUP and then edit your xboxmdmedia.xml file.

    I believe it’s possible to connect without changing the workgroup, because you can choose which password format to use when editing the XboxMediaCenter.xml file. In the XML file:

    you can use the following formats:
    if guest/public access is enabled:

    I just use smb://user:password@ip/share/, and it works.


  4. …ever since the 4.01.05 CVS xbmc update, I can’t access my smb shares on my mac…

    I just installed the 4.01.05 build on my Xbox (I don’t stay as current as I should), and can’t seem to access Samba shares either. Not sure what’s going on…


  5. Martin says:

    I have used sharepoints for a few months, no probs till i updated top 10.3.9
    today. Got the denied access message. checked my sharing and windows sharing was not active. Started up windows sharing and everything back to normal.. :-) hope this helps


  6. Franklin Boone says:

    where do I locate the xboxmediacenter.xml configuration file?

    I was following the directions quite well until I got to that part then I was lost because I don’t know how to configure the xbox yet? Please help me to understand this more clear step by step,…. are there any pictures that I can use as a clear guideline or something?


  7. I was following the directions quite well until I got to that part then I was lost because I don’t know how to configure the xbox yet?

    How far into it are you? Is your Xbox modded yet?


  8. chuck says:

    same here I was following perfectly fine till I got to the xml. file edit. Could you guys please explain how I should go about doing this.. And yes My xbox is modded .. thanks


  9. Wish I would’ve had these a year ago.

    A visual tutorial to software-modding the Xbox the easy way.
    Once you’ve modded it and are ready to stream stuff off your Mac with Xbox Media Center, follow these quick ‘n easy steps to set up a Share Point with, well, SharePoints.
    Back …


  10. Magne says:

    I’m really not making it out. I think I’ve got myself more problems than I’m being abel to solve. been working with this for three days now, reading loads of guides and doing exactly as it says,.. as faar as I can tell anyway. It doesn’t look the same on the pictures comparing to my XboxMediaCenter.xml

    I got it to work the other day. I didn’t use Sharepoints by then. My box managed to read from my “User” folder. And from there acces movies and musik etc… However, I wanted to share one of my Harddrives instead, as I have all movies on a seperate disk. So I tried to find a path that would direct me to that way, but failed and lost my prevoius access to my user directory. Now I cant reach it at all. So I downloaded sharepoints. Made as it’s said up here. And now I have something I would call “Close to hell”

    After some failed attempts to make progress, I decided it worked faaar better without sharepoints. So I deleted the Sharenames I made, and after a while I restarted my computer. It appears all ownership was changed to “Unknown” and most functions on my computer was locked down as I didn’t have authority to open or change anything. I’ve restored most of the mess now, partly using disk utillity.

    Anyway,… I’ve comed so long that My 2 searchways shows on the box when I chose “SBM Network” They are named “Musik” and “Annat” (swedish word for other)
    In “Annat”, witch is a Harddrive, I have all my downloaded stuff, movies and so on. I’ve stated the owner to be myself, and I’m loging in from the box with the same username I have to “Musik” and “Annat”, so there should not be any problems. They are to include belonging files.

    So,.. I chose “Annat” on my box, and it stands still för about 10 minutes. Then, it will ask me for username for sbm://ip/ I’ll tell it my username and password, and the box will work for another 10 minutes. Then it will ask me user and password for sbm://ip/Annat. I’ll give it, and it will work again for 10 minutes. THen once again it will ask for sbm://ip/ user and pass,again.

    I could go on with this forever, honestly I could use some help.


  11. Two things I noticed in your comment:

    1) If your Mac OS X install ever gets permissions screwed up, just open Disk Utility, highlight your hard drive on the left, and click the Repair Permissions button and wait. Disk Utility will look up what the permissions of every system file should be (from the package receipts in the important /Library/Receipts folder) and restore them if changes are necessary.

    2) The reason for your troubles may be as simple as a typo. I noticed you typed “sbm://” instead of “smb://”. Think “smb” for the order of the letters in “Samba.” Hopefully that alone will fix the networking issue.


  12. Magne says:

    Thanks for your reply. I really couldn’t belive I was so blind not to see a simpel typing-problem, having this waste all that time trying to get things to work, but sadly, a typing error it was and I spooted them all over the XboxMediaCenter.xml file. *lol*

    Anyway, still cant get it to work, but I’m comfitable knowing it says “smb://” from now on :)

    I’ve used Disk Utillities again to get permissions repaired correctly. Regarding the XboxMediaCenter.xml -file, I’ve changed it to an original, and I’ve started from scratch for the third time. Sooner or later it just have to work. As I said before, I got it to work. I’ll get it to work again. If I only could backtrack what I did when the user-directory showed up on my box. What I do remember is that I typed smb://ip/ at one place, and it suddenly worked. I could reach all movies, all pictures and music all of a sudden.

    While studying the XboxMediaCenter.xml file,.. I find I can type that smb://ip/ at quite many places. So it al gets a bit confucing. So if anyone have the patients of reading about my progress here, I would be greateful for comments of wrongdoing observations.

    My preferenses on computer, (not using Sharepoints, but it is installed)

    Sharing: (it’s all in swedish, so translation might not be all correct)
    Personal Sharing on
    Window Sharing on (accountsetting on “Lacrisol” witch is default user)
    – it says windowsuser will find me at \192.168.0.xLacrisol
    (dont know about hacking, but the x is a number. Dont worry.

    Having a look at the directory and permissions, in Mac OSX I have
    the “Users” directory. Taking info on these directories I see:

    To begin with, all directories say that I have clearence to read and write.

    Owner: Lacrosol: r+w
    Group: Lacrosol r+w
    Others: r

    Next directory is “Lacrosol”
    Owner: Lacrosol r+w
    Group: Lacrosol r+w
    Others: r

    Next directory are Musik/Movies/Pictures etc…
    Owner: Lacrosol r+w
    Group: Lacrosol r+w
    Others: r

    The patchways should be /Users/Lacrosol/Musik as I see it.

    If it’s of any useful information, the root volume, Mac OS HD are owned by System, r+w, Group is admin r+w and others can only read.

    Alright,.. next thing should be the Xbox.

    Networksettings in Xbox Media Center:

    Network: manual Static IP.
    IP adress 192.168.0.x (not the same as computer or router)
    Default gateway:
    (I havent bothered with other preferenses here)

    Enable FTP server is on.

    Xbox Autodetection is on.

    SMB Share:

    Setting Mode, Advances user
    SMB IP: 192.168.0.x (my computers ip )
    SMB Workgroup: WORKGROUP
    SMB Username: Lacrosol
    SMB Password: Secret
    SMB Wins-server:
    SMB Sharename SMB Network
    SMB Sharegroup: Musik&Video & Pictures & Files

    Next thing would be the XboxMediaCenter.xml file.

    To beging with, the Samba preferenses.

    (SMB) Network


    Next is on the videoshare section, at the end of it.

    (SMB) Network

    Now… I’ve laborated with this before. Looking at a few guides and suggestions on the net. Belowe is a default example from the xbmc-file.

    E Drive

    I’ll change it to:


    I’ll put it in through ftp and restarts the xbox. When I connect to SMB Network, all I get is pre-shared printingdrivers. Thats all.
    If I chose not to go through SMB Network, I can go for the icon named Film.
    (It’s at the same list as SMB Network, under DVD-ROM drive and F drive)
    If i click it,…nothing happends.

    Alrigt,.. nothing should happen. I’ve tried this for 3 days now so no supprise there. Suppose the box dont find the path all the way,.. maby I’ll have to extend the pathway.

    Plan B: I’ll type in Locrosol:secret@192.168.0.x/Users

    This should as faar as I can se, make the directory Locrosol be vicible on the box. I’ll save the XboxMediaCenter.xml file and ftp it to the box and restart it.

    This is by the way how it looks like now.


    The only changes here is that when chosing “Film” as before, it say, “Remote share: Could not connect to network server”
    When chosing (SMB) Network, my printer-drives appear again.

    Ok,.. so that didn’t work eighter. No supprise, I’ve done it over and over again for 3 days. And maby it should work,.. /Users might not be enough. I’ll try adding Locrosol. But first, I’ll see if there’s a case censetive-problem involved. I’ll change username and all involving pathways into small characters instead.

    It does now look like this with small characters.


    As expected, nothing came of it. Only printingdrivers show up.
    Now let’s add /users/locrosol


    Nothing to it exept the usual. But maby users should be replaced with Locrosol instead? ip/Locrosol. Iäll try it and it looks like this.


    Only printingdrivers show up. But ok, maby I’m working at the wrong area. I would think that is not the area where I should be at, couse when I got this to work once, I just wrote the ip and stuff at one place, and I dont think I even had user:pass@Ip/ configuration. If I remember corectly,..I just had the ip, and then I accessed everything on the user-directory. So where would this (one) place be?

    Next I will try to access at this area on the XboxMediaCenter.xml -file.

    (SMB) Network

    I’ll begin with just adding users/ after ip, like this (the area is in the same section as )

    (SMB) Network

    I kind of knew it wouldn’t work. But it’s a sign I might work in the right area. Couse this time it really didn’t work at all. I got “Remote share: Could not connect to network server” And those persistant printingdrives didn’t show up at all…finaly, hurray.
    Alright,.. this is not the first time this happends. I’ve suspected this would be the right area to work on for quite some time. It’s not the first time this happends.

    So,.. I recon it wont be of any value to ad /Locrosol after users, but I’ll do it anyway for safe keeping. And yes…no changes there.

    So let’s try the User:pass@ip/ configuration instead.

    (SMB) Network

    Thistime the SMB Network works and those printingdrivers appear again. Hurray! But that’s all. So let’s ad on “users” after the ip.

    (SMB) Network

    Success! I get “Could not connect to network server” .. so we can conclude that ading something after ip does noone any good. By the way,.. I am thinking about “user” instead of Users,.. but when I look how my computer say it,.. it says /Users/ and so on… so I see no reason to change that.

    So… I’m actually only got one more thing left to do, and it’s to try /Locrosol after IP.

    (SMB) Network

    Could not connect to server.

    Well…. that’s it. I’m left clueless. This is what I’ve been doing over and over again the last 3 days. I’d be willing to donate my balls in order to make this work now. I’m really sick of it. Oh, by the way. Locrosol is not the username I use for real, same with secret as password. I just didn’t think it would be clever to give away real user and pass in a forum. The x on ip is not the same on the mac as on xbox. If they where I guess I would have som eother problems aswell. But there are evidently communication between my mac and xbox sense it sense the printingdrivers.

    If anyone have had the patiens to read this faar, I would be greateful for any suggestions on any wrongdoing. I really would be glad to get this working.


  13. Q says:

    Okay, I installed xbmc on my xbox a few nights ago and I’m still in the process of configuring it. I keep seeing this reference to this XboxMediaCenter.xml, but where exactly is it?? I’ve searched all the drives on my xbox and have not come across it. Help? Please?


  14. pdub says:

    OK I’ve found my XboxMediaCenter.xml (within “MyFiles/C:”)

    How do I edit this file to contain the code above?

    I’ve been fiddling and trying to get my Mac to talk to xbmc for a couple months now (trying Sharepoints, ftp configurations etc etc) and am hereby giving up.

    I have been beaten!


  15. Don’t give up!

    You’ve found the file in Xbox Media Center itself, it seems, but you need to be editing that file on your computer. An application such as TextEdit, BBEdit, or TextMate — even the simple editor built into Transmit — will do. When XBMC is running, browse to your settings and see which IP it has, and open up Transmit and connect to it with the login/password combo of xbox/xbox. Locate the file, edit it, and finally re-upload to update the config.


  16. well…dunno what to say…i had an older version of xbmc working fine, then had to restore my old dash settings.after updating them back to what they were before it wouldnt connect to my shared network….so now im driving the nail in the coffin….(tap) (tap) im done.


  17. […] Xbox Media Center is pretty amazing. It makes the xbox a full on media center pc (without the cost…) Right now I’m streaming music from my Powermac G3 to the xbox, and I can view movies and pictures across the network. I’m pretty impressed. If you have a Mac and can’t figure out how to share your files, try out Sharepoints. It’ll help you set up your shares, and let you share with Mac and Windows alike. Pretty sweet. Also, here’s a tutorial for sharing your media from your mac to the xbox. Its great to be able to stream all my Christian music straight to my xbox… Sweet! […]


  18. […] …and while it’s touted as a 30-minute how-to, it really took more like two hours. But the end result was well worth it; it’s an incredibly slick, well designed piece of software. I can playback music, pictures and video right from the Xbox hard drive, or even better, I can stream it off of any machine in the house — you edit the menus via XML. There’s even a Mac OS X remote control widget. I’m really stunned that no one has put out this kind of box as a product — network attached storage with video-out and a remote. Throw a torrent client on the box and you’ve got the full “solution”. Cough. […]


  19. Hidde says:

    sorry for bringing this topic up :)

    I did al the setting on my imac. I’ve altered the xml on my xbox. However I cannot acces the folder. I can see the folder in my XBMC but when I try to open it it says:


    I’ve checked my settings for Sharepoint and I found out that I did not check the box ‘allow windows guest’. After checking this box I tried again. This time the message was:


    Clearly I am doing something wrong here. But I don’t know what. Settings on Sharepoint are:

    owner: r/w
    group: r/w
    everyone: r

    Note: I do not have a password on my mac so I left that part out. Perhaps that is why I can’t get acces? I named it like this:


    Suggestions are welcome. I am clueless at this point

    Update while typing this message: After checking some boxes I totally lost the entiry folder on XBMC. When I try to acces the workgroup (smb) I get:



  20. Cant mac users install samba? I thought they could then they should be able to do it no problems. When I used xbmc it worked fine seeing my windows shares. You could also try using a nasbox. it works very well too


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