XBMC Changes

When updating my copy of Xbox Media Center earlier today, I noticed that the XboxMediaCenter.xml file was missing. Looking into the matter further, I found that some significant changes had been made to the development of XBMC earlier this month.

The original XML configuration file has been removed, and most of the important options have been added to the program settings, allowing new shares to be connected directly inside Xbox Media Center. Bookmarks can now be added by starting up XBMC, pressing the white button on the controller, and choosing “Add Source.” For those who still prefer to open a file and type in the paths manually, edit the UserData/sources.xml just as you did before.

XBMC Changes

4 thoughts on “XBMC Changes

  1. Ed Simanowski says:

    Thanks for the update. Your site is proving very helpful to me. I just set up XBMC last night and am proceeding to add network connectivity to my gen. 1 B/W. You may want to update your XBMC page, however. Thanks again.


  2. Mike says:

    I have followed your threads on setting up SMB Share and XMBC and feel I am very close to setting mine up. However, there seems to be missing some key information to help me set mine up.
    Can you help please?
    My setup is like this DSL line to Wireless/wired modem – line to 4 port router ( Wired) then line to my PC.
    My PC also has a wireless NIC that connects to a WET 11 Bridge that is line connected to the XBOX.
    My PC wireless nic has a static IP to connect to the WET11 bridge.
    The wired connection to my PC has a DHCP connection.

    My Xbox through XBMC gets the scrolling text on the ‘home screen’ I can get the weather, I can get connected to some sites using scripts.

    What I can not do is set up my SMB Workshop share and would really appreciate some help.

    Thanks, Mike.


  3. Ah, so that was what happened to one of recent XBMC-updates. Thanks for the hint.
    Looking forward to your other Mac and Xbox-article. When willi it be published?

    BTW this input box is too wide in Firefox…


  4. Dwevil says:

    Thanks a lot for this, I did it through the ‘Add Source’ option and it worked like a charm.
    I entered my info first only under Settings > Network > SMB Client and it worked (sometimes) but it took forever to find my Mac. Now it workes with lightning speed!

    For people using the Xbox infrared remote control: the ‘info’ button works like the white button on the controller.


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