BrewBot: Sending Coffee Notifications to Slack

At work, we have a coffee machine that serves dozens of people in the building, and it’s difficult to know when to come get fresh coffee. You might arrive when it’s empty and be tasked with making more, but the ideal situation is to arrive just as a fresh pot is being brewed.

We also use Slack for team chat and various notifications, so integrating the coffee machine status was a no-brainer. Using a non-invasive/inductive current sensor and Raspberry Pi, the following setup monitors coffee machine energy consumption and waits for a significant rise in current draw, followed by several minutes of sustained usage. Once a time threshold has passed, it does an HTTP POST to a Slack webhook, sleeps for about 15 minutes, then starts monitoring again. This “brewbot” code is available on GitHub, and a parts list can be found below.




Full parts list:

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BrewBot: Sending Coffee Notifications to Slack

3 thoughts on “BrewBot: Sending Coffee Notifications to Slack

  1. Louis Luyckx says:


    I try to make the same scheme as on your picture, but it is difficult based on a picture.
    I have maked in Fritzing.
    Could i send this fritzing image to you, so you could check if everything is ok.

    Most regards



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