WordPress 2.5 Released

WordPress, the publishing platform for many blogs including this very site, just hit a major milestone featuring a redesigned admin interface, instant plugin upgrades, vastly improved speed, and more.

The new administration system now sports a minimalist and streamlined look without skimping on the options you’ve already come to know and love. The oft-ignored Dashboard screen has been refined to a now usable level, and the Manage section has seen a nice overhaul as well. For newcomers, the controls are far less intimidating, but all the bells and whistles seasoned bloggers need are still easily within reach.

Keeping WordPress itself up to date is sometimes a hassle, but any plugins you employ also need periodic replacement. With WordPress 2.5, plugins can be upgraded right in place, though WordPress itself continues to only notify you of available updates. Still, the feature is a very nice touch for those who use several plugins like the spam-defending marvel that is Akismet, Google Sitemaps, and so on.

From a reader’s perspective, the new version offers improved speed. One of my biggest gripes about WordPress is how it tends to buckle under a heavy load, and it appears that the new version will be able to dispatch content to visitors’ browsers much faster than before, reducing the workload when under stress from a Digg or Slashdot stampede to a particularly popular post.

Overall, WordPress 2.5 is a highly recommended upgrade for anyone currently operating a blog, and a must-have for those of you still on the fence. What are you waiting for? Get WordPress and get writing!

WordPress 2.5 Released

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 Released

  1. I’ve looked at it on one of the various demo installations and wasn’t impressed, to be honest, but having installed it on my site I must say it’s a nice version. I switched the dashboard to the old colour scheme (it’s in your profile) and now I’m quite happy with it, especially as they’ve made batch editing for comments the standard now. Once you’re used to where things are it’s a lot less cluttered.

    The biggest deal for me though is that the visual editor now works like it should (at least as far as I can tell) in Safari. That was much needed.


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