Photoshop Tip: Zoom While Transforming

When you use Adobe Photoshop day in and day out, certain things about its interface and workflow start to grate on you, like the inability to zoom while in the middle of a transform or applying Layer Effects. Much to my delight, Photoshop is also jam packed with hidden commands and modifier keys, which turned up a discovery today.

If you’re in the middle of a Transform or Layer Effects change and need to get your changes just right, you can adjust your view simply by holding the correct keys and using your mouse. On the Mac, hold Space and drag to pan around the background window. Command-Space-click on the document to zoom in, and Command-Option-Space-click to zoom out. Note that some of these key combos collide with the system-wide Spotlight commands, so you may consider remapping them in System Preferences, depending on your usage of each. Personally, I’ve moved Spotlight to Control-Space just to use these great hidden features of Photoshop.

Photoshop Tip: Zoom While Transforming

7 thoughts on “Photoshop Tip: Zoom While Transforming

  1. If you get in the habit of pressing the spacebar first (and considering the command and option keys as modifiers of the spacebar) then you will be able to use the PhotoShop pan and zoom without the need to remap command-space.


  2. Stangry says:

    Wicked tip man but you don’t have to hold Command down to zoom out while in transform mode, just Option+Space Bar will do the trick…


  3. Elias says:

    HELP! why has mine suddenly stopped working??? i always used this way of zooming now suddenly space+command is the MOVE tool?!?! ………… how do i change this?? space+alt is still zoom out

    please help! i was so used to it that its slowing down my work terribly


  4. Elias says:

    my command+spacebar changed to the MOVE tool…WHY!? and how can i change it back? alt+spacebar is still zoom out..

    please help


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