Seagate Hard Drive RMA

In the past, I’ve had the best luck with Seagate brand hard drives — avoiding Maxtor like the plague — but just recently I had a 320 GB Seagate SATA drive start failing on me. It started with what sounded like a few small read/write head hiccups, and turned into widespread sector failure, causing several diagnostic utilities to red flag the drive.

I bought the drive from NewEgg, but they referred me to Seagate for support and returns. With no other alternatives available and a failing drive on my hands, I got in touch with Seagate and filled out their online return merchandise form. Just a few days after shipping off the dying drive, I received an email letting me know that a brand new drive was on its way to me. I’m happy to be kept in the loop while the return is in progress, and I’ll update this post when I get the new drive!

While I had to cover the nominal shipping costs myself, I feel compelled to note how easy and fast their service is. I’m attempting to make a habit of documenting good customer service as well as the bad. After having dealt with some online returns that are a real hassle, Seagate is a refreshing change from some of the other rather lame options out there.

Update: Received an entirely different “Certified Repaired” hard drive in a very well packed box! It works great and passes all my tests!

Seagate Hard Drive RMA

5 thoughts on “Seagate Hard Drive RMA

  1. I have always has really good luck with Seagate. On time, a friend’s of mine, who had a laptop purchased in Taiwan, had a complete Seagate hard drive failure. Even though, I thought I really did not have a change of getting a replacement drive in America, I would give Seagate a chance. There automated system recognized the serial# and issue a RMA#. This was back in 1998.

    I have had siniler expirences with them sices. I am always impressed when a company really does care about coustomer expirence.


  2. bughouse says:

    i will back you on this. never had much trouble with their stuff, but when i did (ironically, 3 weeks out of warrantee) they let me slip in and promptly replaced the unit. quite refreshing! also, i would think, a testament to not outsourcing your CS.


  3. Will Hammond says:

    I too have purchased most of my hardware from and I too had to replace a failed Seagate drive, although it was a Microdrive. I was told by the NewEgg rep that beyond the 30 warrantee, hard drive repair of replacement is done direct from Seagate. From the time I filled out the online form to the new drive being in my hand was only 4 days. No questions asked. They (Seagate) goes by serial number of the device to determine if it is covered. Their estimates are VERY liberal as well.


  4. Andy says:

    I came across this blog whilst googling for any other people who constantly receive bad drives as returns.

    Just my 2p or 2c worth, I have sent one drive back 3 times (ok it’s not really the same drive which only makes it worse ) and this thing gets really hot and starts clicking !

    The last hd was a 160Gb Maxtor which came back as a Seagate with bad blocks !
    My replacements come from Holland, perhaps I should send them to the US for replacement ? :)


  5. It is quite rare for seagate hard drives to fail, they are proper solid hard drives in general.

    [quote]avoiding Maxtor like the plague[/quote]
    Why do you say that? I’ve been using maxtor for quite a long time and have never had any problems. You sure you’re not getting Maxtor mixed up with western digital?


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