(mt) Supports Subversion

I just found out that MediaTemple supports hosting Subversion repositories using their Grid Server! That’s good news if you’re planning to keep track of changes to code you’re developing, as they can provide plenty of disk space and bandwidth. You can read about setting up SVN with (mt) here.

(mt) Supports Subversion

2 thoughts on “(mt) Supports Subversion

  1. Yea, but get this. You can only have one user belong to the repository. Or rather, one user owns a repository in that case. You can’t have multiple “accounts”.

    So say I have a joint project (which is almost 100% of why subversion is used).

    I can’t give my other developers their own username and password to the repository. That is messed up. How are we supposed to track different peoples changes etc?


  2. This is true — it’s definitely not a multi-user SVN environment. Otherwise, you’d have to share your MT credentials with someone else you may not want tinkering with your site. I currently use it just for keeping track of my own projects.


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