MacBook Pro is Here!

I sold me PowerBook G4, and my new Santa Rosa based MacBook Pro arrived Friday from Shanghai via FedEx. It’s almost identical to my previous machine, except for the display and insides, of course. The new LED backlit display is pixel perfect and very evenly lit, while the Intel CPU is proving plenty capable.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the new Mac. With any luck, the palm rest won’t wear away as badly as the one on my PowerBook.

Update: After owning my MacBook Pro for only a day, I noticed a small but annoying problem: The spacebar squeaked when tapped just below the division between the ‘b’ and ‘n’ keys. I really wouldn’t have worried about it, except that’s where I tap the key almost every time. Since AppleCare comes standard with all Apple hardware (and I also opted for the 3-year extension), I called up Apple support. After some initial shoulder shrugging on their part, they agreed to have a look at the issue. This was Saturday afternoon. Monday morning, a box was at my door. By Friday, the MacBook Pro had gotten to Apple, been diagnosed, a new keyboard installed, and made it back to my door. A five day turnaround — not bad at all. Like the blinking orange-green troubles I had with my original iPod Shuffle, Apple came through with outstanding support.

MacBook Pro is Here!

5 thoughts on “MacBook Pro is Here!

  1. mango7 says:

    I have a marware palm rest for my 15 inch powerbook. Its really nice. Hopefully I’ve stopped the pitting on the machine before it got too bad. Definitely go for the palm rest cover, especially if you plan on ebaying it in a few years.


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