Brian Regan

I normally try to keep posts here on the topic of technology, but I felt I had to mention an outstanding event I attended…

Just recently, my fiancee and I happened to hear on the radio that comedian Brian Regan would be performing at the theater downtown here in Billings, MT. Both of us have been huge fans for several years, so we picked up two tickets that very evening.

Expecting Regan’s regular routine, we were surprised to be presented with an entirely new set of jokes which kept us laughing for hours, to the point where our cheeks hurt afterwards. There were so many that I can only remember a few, and am eagerly awating a new DVD release or TV special in the near future.

Brian Regan had never performed in Billings before, but his clean and energetic humor was met with standing applause, prompting an encore of several of his best-known jokes. Overall, it was an experience not to be missed, and one that was well worth the ticket price. Check the tour dates — if he’s performing in your area, be sure not to pass up the great opportunity.

Brian Regan

5 thoughts on “Brian Regan

  1. Mike says:

    He’s a great clean comic. I tend to like my comedy on the dirty side, but Brian’s got the talent to be hilarious and clean.


  2. I saw him early last year before he started to be really big and he surprised me with a whole slew of jokes. He is one of the only comedians that can be funny for the whole family – and not be dirty at all.

    Anyone catch his special last night?


  3. Barbara V. says:

    I know Brian has been around for at least 6 years, if not longer. He is one of the funniest comedians I know. I have tickets to see him in Baltimore on Sept. 7 and can hardly wait. I got his last CD and almost had an accident listening to it on my way to work. I was laughing so hard, my eyes kept closing. You too!


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