IceKey in Black

My favorite keyboard, the IceKey by MacAlly, is now available in black to match Apple’s product lineup. Though I already have one IceKey, I might just have to order the black version for my PC, as well! You can never have too many low-profile, laptop style keyboards around. I couldn’t recommend this keyboard any higher, particularly if you enjoy typing with the tactile feedback of Apple laptop keys.

IceKey in Black

2 thoughts on “IceKey in Black

  1. Agreed — the IceKey is the best keyboard I’ve ever had. (Except for having to choose between unstable, KP-inducing drivers or no volume keys; maybe the bugs have been fixed since, but there’s just no way I’m installing those drivers again).

    If you’re going to buy it for a PC, though, you should look for the other manufacturer who sells the same keyboard in a PC version. I forget who it is, but AFAIK it’s just the same exact keyboard, only with Windows and PC keys.


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