“24” Season 6 DVD Leak

In a surprising turn of events fitting only for a show such as “24,” a privvy few have managed to get their hands on the first DVD from the sixth season and have released it on the internet. Right now, the DVD-R version of the first four episodes from the as-yet-unaired season are available.

From the release:

At the end of Season 5, Jack Bauer was kidnapped, beaten, and taken captive in retribution for his involvement in a raid on the Chinese Consulate eighteen months earlier. Now, there’s a new president, Jack Bauer is missing, and the U.S. is under siege from terrorist attacks more threatening than anything we’ve ever encountered! There is only one thing that can save the nation
— Jack Bauer must die.

Get ready for the most explosive, the most terrifying, the most heart-pounding four hours of television ever. Included on this exclusive DVD are the first four hours of Season 6 – 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. – and a never-before-seen 12-minute preview of the next explosive episode. And you thought your rush hour was tense…

“24” gets better with every turn, and this season is already no exception. It hasn’t even begun airing on national TV yet, and I’m already enjoying it. Here’s hoping the whole cast survives this season…!

“24” Season 6 DVD Leak

3 thoughts on ““24” Season 6 DVD Leak

  1. Andy L says:

    Hey! so how & where do I download these episodes?
    Did u get my daughter’s laptop yet?
    What’s the prognosis?
    all the best…droid


  2. The episodes and the full DVD-R are available on most BitTorrent sites and usenet groups by now.

    I did get the PowerBook — it’s not in as bad shape as we first thought. I’ll give you a call ;-)


  3. Andy L says:

    Oh Wow! The 1st 2 hrs. of 24 were woth the wait.
    Is it true the writers wil be going NUKE on tomorrow’s 2 episodes?
    I’m hooked all over again!


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