Unreal Tournament

I decided to create an Icons category here at Command-Tab because I occasionally find myself making Mac OS X icons for various purposes, and thought others would be interested in using them and learning from the accompanying Photoshop files.

This first icon is one I made quite some time ago, during a game icon creation frenzy in the MacNN forums. I’ve since redone some of the graphics, cleaned it up a bit, and brought out the colors. You can download the zipped file pack, which includes a paste-able icon, a Mac OS X .icns file, a PNG image, and — most importantly — the source Photoshop .psd file.

This icon and any that follow are free for any personal use. If you intend to publish them in a collection or on the web, all I ask is that you give credit where it is due. Enjoy! I’ll have more to come in the near future.

Unreal Tournament

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