By Collin Allen

Apple Take-Apart Videos

November 15, 2006

If you’re at all interested in what goes on inside your iPod, or perhaps curious about upgrading or repairing your other Apple products, you’ll be disappointed to find that Apple is very tight-lipped about the details of disassembling your electronics. It’s almost as if they want the product to be a “black box” to you – don’t ask how. While service manuals are available to Apple technicians (and those who know where to look on the ‘net), there is one very useful resource you can use independent of Apple.

Other World Computing, reputable retailers of Mac hardware, accessories, and software, offers a number of large technical videos documenting the exact steps required to take apart and upgrade Apple hardware. Not surprisingly, these videos complement the iPod batteries and CPU upgrades they sell, however they are freely available for anyone wishing to see how the disassembly and upgrade is performed. Following along with a video is often far easier than trying to make sense of pictures and text of a service manual, making OWC’s free library an excellent resource for anyone looking to get inside their Mac or iPod.