As often as I use Toast and refer to it in postings here, it’s easy to overlook some of the freeware options that will usually work just as well. Burn is one such program which allows you to easily burn data, audio, video, and disc images. Unlike Toast — and more like Disk Utility — Burn uses Apple’s disc burning APIs, which are provided for developers to add CD and DVD writing capabilities to their programs with little effort. It can handle Mac and PC formatted discs, audio and MP3 CDs, all kinds of video discs (DVD included), as well as a number of disc image formats. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles Toast has, Burn may provide all the features you need for free. Download it here.


2 thoughts on “Burn

  1. it also serves as a (to) DIVX converter which allows you to burn your mp4/mov/mpg files to a format compatable with divx- compatible DVD players. It saves temporary files to your desktop–which makes this almost as practical as isquint–but for divx instead of mp4.

    –fyi… this comment box is looking funky in firefox 1.5.3. It stretches over into the blue sidebar… might want to shorten by 20px or so.


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