Xbox 360 DVD-ROM Hack

Yesterday, a clever hacker released a modified firmware file for the Xbox 360’s DVD drive which essentially causes it to lie to the console about the type of media off which games are running. This comes not long after the release of a similar firmware for the original Xbox, allowing an unmodified (i.e. no modchip) console to run games off a burned DVD. While both of these hacks are impressive, they currently offer no advances towards running unsigned code, particularly on the Xbox 360. Despite that, I’ll soon picking up a 360 to hack around with. This is the first crack in the wall I’ve been waiting for.

Xbox 360 DVD-ROM Hack

4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 DVD-ROM Hack

  1. Personally I hope Microsoft plug this hole as soon as possible. Whereas a modchip for the original Xbox allowed all kinds of cool stuff like XBMC (worth it alone), the only application for this one is piracy. That’s of no benefit to anyone except cheap bastards who don’t want to pay for their games.


  2. I imagine they’ll patch current 360s via a Live Update in the near future, and possibly refresh the actual hardware as soon as possible. Unless they do something, it’s only going to get easier and easier to do the hack.


  3. TooL says:

    Piracy isnt the drawback of the 360…its the price tag of their titles that are no doubt equivelant to their original Xbox brothers. Charge me $30 extra for something I can play on the original Xbox with the exact same graphics???? Why did I even bother upgrading.


  4. William says:

    Hey my xbox 360 came with just a mother board, and I am building ground up. I don’t want to play burned games, i just want to play games. How do i get a new dvd rom to work with the mother board, without the original Dvd rom?


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