Intel MacBook

Taking a hint from the wildly popular black and white iPod nano models, Apple just released the Intel-based MacBook “consumer” portables. These new Macs are bound to be the most popular ones Apple has ever created, sporting all the must-have features of the MacBook Pro line, but with an unbelievably affordable price tag. Starting at $1099, the MacBooks include the Intel Core Duo chip, which is quickly turning out to be the single best processor choice Apple ever made. Not only do you get stellar Mac OS X performance, you also have the option of running Windows and x86-based Linuxes. Choices, speed, and connectivity are all great, and the MacBook line has plenty to go around. One of these will undoubtedly be my next Mac, although I have yet to decide on a shade. These are going to be huge.

Intel MacBook

2 thoughts on “Intel MacBook

  1. I’m definitely looking at getting one of these. My current iBook has served me well but is showing its age, and if I can stick Windows XP on one of these and therefore be able to run pretty much any software (even with crappy integrated graphics) and have it be much faster than the old ones I can’t see any reason not to.


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