Flash Programmer

Wanting to get even further into the inner workings of technology, I recently bought a GALEP-4 Flash and EEPROM programmer which makes it easy to read the contents of various storage chips which are often used to hold device firmware. Although that sounds complicated, the way most electronics work is quite logical. For example, somewhere inside your iPod or Xbox is a chip that holds the instructions to make it run. With this programmer, reading out the contents of said chips is a rather easy task, leaving the challenging part up to the future experimenting and hacking. Most PCs also use similar chips, so if any readers have experienced a bad BIOS flash, get in touch and chances are I can help you rewrite the chip with the proper data.

Flash Programmer

One thought on “Flash Programmer

  1. On the other hand, while supported device count for galep is 11K, superpro 3000U from xeltek is supporting 44K devices by the date of june 2008. Because of this huge difference, prior your device programmer purchase, you better check their device list in order to decide if the programmer is going to be able to program the chip that you would like to work on. Otherwise you will be spending your money for nothing but a bulky metal box. As a matter of fact, you get what you pay!


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