Refund Red Tape

I love hearing about people finding clever ways to beat idiotic systems, and this article is a perfect example. The author bought a brand new Xbox 360 game which was affected by a programming bug which made the game unplayable. The store he purchased it at would only allow him to exchange the game for a shrinkwrapped copy, but wouldn’t give him a simple refund or permit a trade for a different game. So, he simply accepted the shrinkwrapped copy and turned around and asked for a refund on the now unopened game in his hands. What a brilliant way of working around stupid policy red tape. Read the full article here, or digg the story.

Refund Red Tape

3 thoughts on “Refund Red Tape

  1. Dan H. says:

    Being an ex employee at Best Buy/Geek Squad, don’t try this there… Their policy when exchanging a dvd/game/software/disc is to open the new one and make sure that one isn’t scratched.


  2. Good for him, but thanks to all this publicity I give it a couple of days before the store policy gets changed. You have to love these bureaucrats, though.


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