Boot Camp

Apple is now officially prepping a technology to allow Windows XP to run on Intel based Macs. Currently called “Boot Camp,” the software will ship with the next major release of Mac OS X. For all the details and beta software, visit Apple’s Boot Camp beta page. You’ll have to provide your own Windows XP SP2 CD, of course, but Apple intends to make a multi-boot Mac a legitimate reality.

Boot Camp

10 thoughts on “Boot Camp

  1. Am I nuts for not agreeing with this move? I just don’t see a benefit for Apple to support a split in hardware and software. By allowing users to run XP natively and requiring a reboot to get back into OS X I think you ultimately make users choose a platform versus VPC which allows both to live together. I think this moves users back into Windows where they won’t spend money on Mac versions of PC apps they already own, won’t buy OS X upgrades or .mac and generally use Apple for the 1-time hardware sale and jump ship. Apple gets a single sale but are not creating “mac users”.


  2. Congratulations Apple, you’ve just sold me an Intel iBook as soon as they’re available. The Windows-on-Mac hack from a few weeks ago impressed me, but once again Apple have gone one better. The best news in a long time and this is going to do Apple no end of good.


  3. Jharr, if you want to know why this is a good move look at Olly’s comment right below yours. Buying Apple hardware is now a safe choice for potential Switchers and Windows-centric companies.

    I used Boot Camp to install XP on my MacBook today for one reason, so I can play the full Half-Life 2 for the PC. I have absolutely no temptation to stay in XP for anything else.

    Apple did an excellent job with Boot Camp. Re-partitioning was effortless and non-destructive as promised. The Boot Camp app refused to recognize my XP install CD but the firmware update adds full BIOS emulation to the EFI boot so I just rebooted with OPTION down, selected the XP CD and everything worked just fine.

    Now I’m off to grab the HL2 demo to double check its performance then next stop is a visit to EBX.


  4. As soon as this poor grad student has the dough, I’ll be getting an Intel Mac of some kind; my wife and I both like a Windows-only religious database, but haven’t had a working Windows PC for quite some time, and miss that program. (More games would be nice, too.)

    A question: has anyone figured out if there’s a way to use Boot Camp simply to partition a hard drive? It’d be nice if I could do that without having to reformat the whole drive first!


  5. I’m sure you could use Boot Camp to partition the drive without formatting. If you do the process and, say, stop during the middle of the XP install, then boot bak to Mac OS X, you should be able to reformat the partition as HFS+J and be set. I haven’t tried it, but it seems extremely likely to work…


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