Dual Booting on Intel Macs

For those who own a shiny new Intel Mac and a copy of Windows XP, it’s now possible to install Mac OS X and Windows on different partitions and pick a system at startup. Driver support is, not surprisingly, still lacking, but should be brought up to par in the next few weeks. Apple’s transition to the Intel architecture has opened the door both ways — Windows can run on Macs, and Mac OS X can run on PCs. Choice is good.

Dual Booting on Intel Macs

4 thoughts on “Dual Booting on Intel Macs

  1. whats up, been reading your site for a while now…

    this new development is certainly interesting. currently i have a dual 2.0 G5 powermac, a 1.4 G4 12″ powerbook, and an old crap box dell optiplex (for cross-platform web development/testing).

    i am slowly becoming aware of a few things. 1. it is a pain to keep both my macs “sync’ed” with data, software, etc. 2. from benchmarks i have seen, the dual core intel macs are giving the dual G5s quite the run for their money (as long as you are using a universal binary) 3. this dell optiplex is really ugly

    i guess what i am getting at, is that i could sell my powermac and the powerbook, get a macbook, and really simplify my life…and run windows when i have to (yuck, but as a web developer it is neccesary)…oh, and i could trash the optiplex.


  2. Personally, I’d wait for Rev. B dual core Intel iMacs and then make the step up. By then the hardware will be more mature and the Windows drivers should be taken care of completely. And maybe turn the Optiplex into a Linux box for any home media server needs ;-) My old Dual 2.0 G5 tower was a speed demon, though… I loved it. I’ve yet to try out one of the new Intel Macs in person.


  3. Jonathan says:

    I agree, I’d wait too. I have a iMac core duo at work and there seems to be a common problem with usb devices failing to work after a few hours.

    Speed wise its great but it hasn’t been as stable as my PB G4 at home.


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