iPod Shuffle Shuffle

Less than a week ago, my iPod Shuffle gave up on me and refused to play any music. Pressing buttons resulted in flashing orange-and-green lights, and plugging it into various computers had no effect. I started thinking that maybe the refurbished 1 GB Shuffle wasn’t such a good deal after all.

At a loss, I went to Apple’s iPod Support page and requested some help. I submitted my issue in the hopes that they could either fix or replace my iPod. Two days later, a brand new iPod Shuffle arrives at my door, courtesy Apple and DHL. All I had to do was post back my non-functioning unit. I packaged it up, included the requested cap (what they do with them, I don’t know), and sent my dead Shuffle back. Earlier today, I received an email from Apple Support stating that my shipment arrived and that they hope I’ll be happy with my new iPod Shuffle. Indeed I am. Never have I had such a great customer service experience with any company. This, among other reasons, is why I don’t mind paying a little extra for Apple hardware.

iPod Shuffle Shuffle

9 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle Shuffle

  1. I did this with my 20 gig iPod just a few weeks ago. I’ve had to do it with PowerBooks and other iPod’s as well, its just awesome that they’re willing to support their products in the manner that they do.

    I :love: Apple support :D.


  2. I had the same experience with a remote and headphones for my iPod. The delivery man drove over the box and ruined them. I e mailed the delivery company and they wanted me to get quotes for the repair, so I e mailed apple and they just sent me new ones 3 days later.

    That’s what customer service is all about!


  3. When my G5’s gfx card died, Apple did exactly the same thing. I have learned that AppleCare on some of these machines can save you loads of time and money.


  4. EvolutionKills says:

    I’ve had four 40-gig iPods just up and croak on me. Every time, the apple store has taken them back with minimal hassle (I still had to wait in line at the Genius bar, though). The last time my iPod died, I was in the middle of wiping my computer’s hard drive, and I had everything backed up to my iPod. I lost a huge amount of data, pics, and music–I was pissed. I took it and my iBook down to the apple store, to demonstrate that I wasn’t doing anything wrong–my firewire and USB ports and cables were intact, etc. They were extremely apologetic, and gave me a 60 gig video iPod. Too bad they couldn’t recover my data.


  5. ScottBruin says:

    I’ve had this experience with my 20 gig 4G iPod, too.

    I reported problems (twice with the clickwheel malfunctioning) and they would send me a box. Then, I would pack up my iPod in the box, send it back, and about a week later receive a “new” iPod. I’m not completely sure everything was new, but the casing definitely was.

    With headphones they’ll simply send you a new set without you needing to return them.


  6. Jaime says:

    My experience with apple was great. I received a 4GB Ipod Mini used as a gift , but it was acting very strange, it was going crazy and turning off or just reseting any time i touched the click wheel, i checked the apple site and i found this ipod was still in waranty period, so i send it to an apple authorized service provider in my city (Im in Nicaragua-Central America) and in two weeks i had a brand new ipod with paying nothing.


  7. Arran says:

    I am having the same problem with my shuffle, the problem is however is was given to me by a friend who got a new iPod (no box, no different cap, no directions). Another thing my friend didn’t give me was a faulty shuffle. It worked fine for a month before the flashing lights. Hmm…I guess I am just stuck with no iPod at all.


  8. lucasboden says:

    A lot must have changed since 2006 cause now they charge $29 to get Ipod Shuffle replaced via mail. I don’t know if it is the same charge or more for other items.

    Here is my story:

    So my Gen2 Ipod Shuffle Mp3 player stopped powering on awhile back and I decided to take it today to the Apple Store assuming they would take it to fix it or replace it. (It is still under warranty)

    I drove to The Domain location at noon and the 1st salesperson who I spoke to said they only take reservations to speak to a technician at the Genius Bar and the next reservation was at 2pm. I was confused and told her I have to wait 2 hours to get my $49 shuffle replaced or fixed? Why don’t you just take it and call me when it is fixed. Then a different salesperson said why don’t I just buy a new one. OMG. I had to literally pray a little prayer to prevent going postal and apeshit.

    So I called support and on the phone for an hour and they finally said they would send me a box so I could ship it to them and they would ship me a new one. But it would cost shipping/handling $29. OMG.


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