Apple Truly a Religious Company?

While working on a small audio project, I dicovered this Easter egg on a microphone preamp board out of an old Mac. Printed on the back of the board is “© Apple Computer” — text you’d expect to find on any piece of Apple hardware of that date. However, you’ll notice that the letter L in Apple is the ichthys symbol colloquially referred to as the “Jesus fish”, and can be seen on vehicles nearly everywhere in the country. The sybolism has been around, on car bumpers at least, since the 1980s (credit to my girlfriend for finding out this fact). So, it’s entirely possible that someone slipped this into the circuit silkscreen before the boards went into production. I wonder what the real story is…

Apple Truly a Religious Company?

8 thoughts on “Apple Truly a Religious Company?

  1. Lindsey says:

    I don’t think that the reference to the 80’s was a dating of the symbol itself so much as it’s popular use as the “Jesus Fish” on car bumpers. It may be important to note that the Reagan era was the time when this symbol became extremely wide-spread and visible, and then appeared on an Apple product of the early 90’s — point being that it’s probably not a mistake or fluke.


  2. I’ve seen similar Apple circuit boards that have the same marking. I don’t think it’s religious in nature, though I may be wrong. I think it might just have to do with whatever symbol library was available for characters during the circuit silkscreening process. If you notice, all of the letters look funny, and none sit on an actual ‘baseline’ like most typography. Letters that drop below the baseline are always annoying, and sometimes are condensed, abbreviated or changed to fit.


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