Xbox USB Peripheral Adapter

While I’m on the topic of adapters, here’s one I just made that allows Xbox peripherals to be connected to a computer. Right now, the two main items are memory cards and the Xbox Communicator headset, both of which have drivers for Windows available. Hopefully, some kind soul will put together a Mac driver for the headset, as I’d like to be able to use it with Skype (otherwise, yet another adapter is in order to make use of the standard audio plug alone). See more images at Flickr, including a shot of the simple electrical connections.

Xbox USB Peripheral Adapter

4 thoughts on “Xbox USB Peripheral Adapter

  1. Tyler says:

    Uhm, do you know where I can find a driver for a third party xbox live communicator? I’m using my Action replay mem card adaptor to plug my communicator into the pc, but I dont have a driver to read 3rd party communicators.


  2. Tim says:

    that is a pretty kewl thing you made but here is another option you can do. at walmart for 10 dollars you can get something called the gamemon universal usb converter that lets you plug in gamecube ps2 and xbox controllers and when you plug in the xbox controller it lets you use the action replay or ne xbox memory card plus the communicator and all you have to do is find the driver for them unless you have action replay and windows sees the live comminucator as an external sound card its kinda kewl


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