iPod Dock Connectors

I purchased a few iPod Dock connectors from a fellow on the iPodLinux forums so I can get started on my next iPod project. I’m thinking about designing a PCB to solder the connectors to, making it easier to plug into a breadboard. Any recommendations for an extremely low-run PCB manufacturer?

iPod Dock Connectors

3 thoughts on “iPod Dock Connectors

  1. tominoz says:

    Don’t worry about a PCB, I’m about to hook one up to an IDE cable. this will give me easy access to all the wires and an easy connector that I can purchase from the local electronics shop.


  2. Phil says:

    shoot me over the eagle file that comes with it
    and I can probably fabricate on for you since
    I too have use for the connector as well.
    Any chance you know who is manufacturing those
    connectors and what the part number is ?


  3. Thanks for the offer, but it looks like same iPod hacker as above, ridax, beat you to it. He’s offering iPod breakout boards that double as a “sniffable” pass-through (to observe how accessories communicate with the iPod). I ordered a board and a female surface mount dock connector to see how they work out, although I thought the price was a tad high. I emailed the awesome guys at SparkFun, and they have already looked into creating their own version — they already have the female connector in stock!


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