Google Analytics and Mint

Shortly after Google Analytics was released, I gave it a shot. Several days after properly setting it up, I still wasn’t getting results. Today, I read that it doesn’t work in Safari. So much for depending on Google for stats.

As a full time Safari user, I gave up on that front and purchased Mint, an easy to use (and wonderful to look at) web stats generator by Shaun Inman. While it doesn’t have graphical pie graphs like Google Analytics, it sure makes checking out my stats a breeze. Some webmasters go all-out and get very detailed with stats, but me, I just what to have a general idea of what’s going on and what’s hot. For the cost of the average shareware app, Mint reports all this and more with a clean, refreshing style. I couldn’t be happer with it. To top it all off, there’s a simple Tiger widget included in the purchase which displays total visitors.

Google Analytics and Mint

6 thoughts on “Google Analytics and Mint

  1. You just have to view Google Analytics with Camino or Firefox and you’re all set.

    Glad to hear you’re happy with Mint though, I’ve been thinking about purchasing it for my next upcoming projects.



  2. I also bought mint a couple weeks a ago, its very nice. It doesnt work in IE but I am fine with that. I never ever buy anything, but mint is well worth it, with a lot of mods you can add on to it that people make for free. I have one that does DNS check auto for me and other sorts. Also very easy to setup, I use it for my blog.


  3. […] Recently, I wanted to check out Google Analytics (as recommended by my buddy mike in nyc), but turns out, by the time I went to check it out, they already closed the service down for new subscribers… and just about that same time, I read on Command Tab an article about Google Analytics and Mint, another website analysis tool, not free, but very very nice to look at… (and that’s where I also learned, that Google Analytics doesn’t work with Safari… what’s that all about…). […]


  4. Google analytics is good. The problem with this is that you can not see in real time how many users are online, or for example you can not see the maximum users at one time, this is useful to understand how much traffic must support your server in one particular moment.
    You can not see ip’s and you have not information about one particular visitor, so let’s say that one user come on the site using one keyword that interest you, you can not in analytics fallow the visitor and se what this visitor saw, that’s the problem in this statistics are good but too general, maybe they will improve.


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