Inside Microsoft’s Xbox 360

This is how it all starts. AnandTech has done a great job disassembling an Xbox 360 and documenting it along the way. It actually looks like it may be easier to disassemble than the original Xbox, provided you have the right tools.

I’m impressed with the change in Xbox controller styles. While I was not one of the many who complained about the sheer size of the original Xbox controllers, I find the new style to be a delight to use. Wireless capabilities are a nice touch, too.

I read elsewhere that the Xbox 360 also has a battery to retain the date and time settings, which caused some problems with previous Xbox softmods. It can also be configured to use a network time server, such as (or, if you prefer “Apple time”).

The launch is less than a week away, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up one of these new machines with minimal hassle. We’ll see about that.

Update: AnandTech posted another article, this time covering the Xbox 360 motherboard’s layout, ICs, and buses.

Inside Microsoft’s Xbox 360

One thought on “Inside Microsoft’s Xbox 360

  1. Blogosphere today on Xbox 360

    Chris Anderson in his blog analyses on whatÂ’s up and whatÂ’s down in mainstream entertainment and media, has predicted that the declining videogame industry will pick up this Christmas owing to the mega launch of Xbox 360.

    Collin does a review of t…


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