By Collin Allen

MAKE Magazine

November 10, 2005

I finally got around to subscribing to MAKE, a magazine about technology related do-it-yourself projects ranging from household things to in-depth circuitry. I’ve put it off for so long mostly because of the $35 price tag, but I recently got a small promo code pushing it down to $29, and so I made the jump. In the long run, both prices are cheaper than buying most magazines off the shelf (MAKE is published quarterly), and I’ll bet that none are as jam-packed with information as MAKE. While I have yet to receive my first issue, I have been a fan of Associate Editor Phil Torrone’s work since his first Engadget Podcast. He also featured a hack of mine on G4TV not too long ago, which was a welcome surprise. I look forward to doing many of the MAKE projects in the near future!