By Collin Allen

Xbox VGA

November 7, 2005

Reading about the XBox’s video output, I’ve decided to build an adapter that will allow use of a VGA monitor, such as a fine new LCD. There are a number of hurdles involved related to video sync signals, but the Xbox-Linux wiki comes through again, detailing how to (among other things) use the Xbox’s internal sync signals and external red, green, and blue connections to build an adapter which provides a perfect display. It’s noted that this is the most difficult to build, but I’ll surely document it along the way for others to follow. My intent is to build everything inside the Xbox, secure the circuitry under the DVD-ROM, and have only a simple VGA connector showing on the back. Any recommendations or deals on a new VGA LCD?

Update: For reference, a detailed Xbox AVIP Pinout:

xbox avip pinout