Acquisition + BitTorrent

In a newly released beta version, the Mac P2P application Acquisition now supports the BitTorrent protocol. What this means is that you can use the gorgeous Acquisition interface for both Gnutella as well as BitTorrent file sharing. The new version also adds downloaded videos to iTunes along with your other videos. As the author puts it, “Acquisition now provides a seamless path from .torrent file to your iTunes Library.” I’ve been waiting for a really Mac-like BitTorrent application for a long time, and I’m not surprised it came from David Watanabe.

Acquisition + BitTorrent

4 thoughts on “Acquisition + BitTorrent

  1. oliver says:


    Cabos is better than Acquisition for Gnutella. It finds more stuff, it consumes less resources (and doesn’t have a memory leak in every other update), and it’s FREE!

    and Azureus is still the king of bitTorrent.


  2. Jon says:

    I have come to like and love Transmission… Acquisition is still no way close to its performance when finding and downloading from peers…

    Check it out:

    Absolutely beautiful cocoa interface, and really lightweight – just performance, no extra features!
    Extremely small memory footprint!


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