125 Windows

A warning from Apple’s Mail.app.

I would like to thank the person responsible for coding this into the program. I’m also curious how rarely encountered situations like this are thought up in the first place, resulting in a great user experience at times when one cringes and expects hundreds of windows to fly open. It’s better to leave the user with a smile and a question instead of a sigh and a screenful of windows.

125 Windows

7 thoughts on “125 Windows

  1. Katmere says:

    Can what happens in my mozilla thunderbird (at work) not happen in apple mail? I highlight several e-mail to move them or something, and accidentally double click and it tries to open however many I have just highlighted, and since it is a PC it crashes. :(


  2. Why 125??? why not 25? I would hate to open more than 10 all at once, so although its a good idea, it’s only useful if you open every message in your mailbox all at once!


  3. Speaking of tons of windows, what’s with the stupid “more than 10 items selected” behavior of the Get Info command in the Finder? If you highlight 9 items and do File→Get Info, it opens 9 Info windows. Highlight 11 and do the same, and you get a multiple item Inspector window, with the total sizes. If I have more than *one* item selected, I would like a single info window including the sum of all the sizes… Crazy thing.


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