Xbox 360 Marketing

With the upcoming release of the Xbox 360, I thought it would be fitting to post a few related images I had squirreled away (I save almost everything interesting I come across — a digital packrat).

The first image I have is the new Xbox Live logo for the Xbox 360, which uses the new, official, Helvetica-looking Xbox font. I like the old blocky font more, but I’m sure Microsoft will still manage to pull the marketing materials together nicely. Overall, I enjoy the Xbox marketing styles far more than those used for Windows.

The second file is an Xbox 360 ad I saw on a website, and recreated it in Photoshop. You can see the preview here, or download the layered Photoshop file. Enjoy!

Xbox 360 Marketing

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Marketing

  1. It should be working, but you’re not the only person I’ve heard from who’s having problems with it. Care to move discussion over the the forums? I hope to troubleshoot RSS problems there with your help, as well as others.


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