Sound Studio 3

Freeverse Software and Felt Tip Software have announced Sound Studio 3, a significant upgrade to one of my favorite Mac audio programs. Sure, you can use GarageBand to edit audio, but Sound Studio is far more lightweight. While it doesn’t support multi-track audio, sometimes you simply don’t need all that to do audio editing. For example, creating a 30-second clip of an MP3 for a podcast while fading the beginning and end, is a simple task with Sound Studio. It can juggle AIFF, AAC, MP3, WAV, and SD2 formats as necessary, and is also AppleScript-ready through Automator. For doing quick audio edits, Sound Studio is my main application, and I’m eagerly awaiting the new upgrade, due out later this month.

Sound Studio 3

2 thoughts on “Sound Studio 3

  1. I went and played around with the demo, and I have to say that it’s great! The new selection indicator (when you highlight a chunk of audio) is now transparent, which is something that bothered me about the previous version. And you’re right, it does have multi-track capabilities! I now have NO need for GarageBand anymore.


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