By Collin Allen

Mac Emulator Ported to PSP

October 12, 2005

From MacMegasite:

ChaosKnight has released a very nice port of Basilisk II for the PSP, called Basilisk II PSP. Basilisk II is an open-source 68k Macintosh emulator which will run systems 7.5.5 through 7.6.1 to be the easiest to run. Like the port of Bochs x86 emulator, Basilisk has the same principle. Simply put, the emulator reboots in the correct PSP folder (the one without the % sign.) The files included are Macintosh 7.5.5, which can be downloaded from as well. You will need to supply your own LEGAL copy of mac.rom for this to work.

If PSP’s weren’t so darn expensive, I would be hacking up one of them right now (Yoshi did a noteworthy WiFi antenna hack). I guess it’s all relative to how badly I want to hack new game hardware… Just wait until the Xbox 360 comes out. I’m sure I’ll be modding it within two weeks of the release. Xbox hacking allows far more room, whereas the PSP is a cramped workspace.

While I’m on a console-hacking subject, I read yesterday that a bunch of Xbox 360 developer kits were stolen in Germany. It’s a shame that some qualified developers won’t be getting devkits as soon as they thought, I’m hopeful that the machines will make their way to modchip R&D areas. Unlikely, though. I know that the SmartXX team already has a few Xbox 360 devkits and have them completely disassembled. Here’s hoping that there will be a modchip on 360 launch day! Time to get XBMC ported…