By Collin Allen

Backup 3 QuickPicks

October 2, 2005

Recently I discovered the blog at Wishingline Design Studios, and they got me started messing with the new QuickPicks options for Backup 3, which are pre-built lists of files and folders to backup. They allow you to quickly choose a set of items for backup without having to navigate to the folder on disk, much less know where it exists.

QuickPicks are surprisingly easy to create. If you’re interested in making your own, you can browse through the contents of any QuickPick bundle and edit a copy to make your own. I’ve created sets for two of my favorite bits of software, NetNewsWire and Little Snitch, and decided to share them here. You can download these two QuickPicks and install them by unzipping the archive and placing the two in the /Library/Application Support/Backup/QuickPicks/ folder (along with all the other QuickPicks). Enjoy!

Update: Added several more QuickPicks to the pack, bringing the full list to:

  • Little Snitch Backs up your Little Snitch firewall settings
  • Apache Backs up Apache webserver settings at /etc/apache2/
  • .bash_login Backs up your ~/.bash_login file
  • SSH Keys Backs up your SSH keys from ~/.ssh
  • Xcode Backs up your Xcode preferences, key bindings, and color settings
  • NetNewsWire Backs up your NetNewsWire subscriptions and settings