BitTorrent Apps

MacMerc has a great overview of the most popular BitTorrent applications for Mac. Personally, I still like using the official Mac BT client, as it fits my needs well enough. In an environment where I need BitTorrent automation, though, I use Azureus with various plugins. What client do you use?

BitTorrent Apps

3 thoughts on “BitTorrent Apps

  1. I don’t use BitTorrent all that much, but when I do, I use the Bits on Wheels client ( I have tried Azureus as well as the official BitTorrent client and TomatoTorrent, but BoW hit my spot. It is the only client (AFAIK) which will show you a real time 3D graphs of incoming and outgoing connections, but I don’t use that feature at all. I just like the fact that it’s fast as hell.


  2. I hardly use torrents but my favourite is Tomato Torrent. It’s lean and fast which is all you need, and it’s named after something from Shenmue which gives it credibility in my book. Programs like Azureus don’t appeal to me because I don’t need a whole P2P interface (and a slow as crap Java program) for something as simple as a torrent.


  3. There are several out there.
    I’ve been using Azureus mostly for the fact that it is pretty bleeding edge on features. However, I have lately taken a fancy to Transmission which is the lightest weight bit torrent client for the mac. Tomato was always a bit too slow for me. Bitz on Wheels just never did anything for me.

    There is also a vaporware Bitzy that sounded cool, but I don’t think the developer is still working on it.


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