.Mac Upgrade

Apple recently upgraded their .Mac service to include 1 GB of storage for email and iDisk, possibly trying to compete with Gmail’s now 2.5 GB of free storage. They also posted a new version of their Backup application, which backs up any files or settings you choose to your iDisk or other media. The new version also offers incremental backups, which only store the changes since the previous one, as opposed to copying volumes of data all over again and eating up more space than necessary.

Apple must do some analysis as to when the majority of .Mac accounts are up for renewal and time thier marketing push right before that, as my subscription expires in early October. I was, reluctantly, one of the free iTools to paid .Mac switchers, and I’m guessing many others were, too. I think they’re right on with the new additions, though — it looks like I’ll be renewing .Mac again this year.

.Mac Upgrade

2 thoughts on “.Mac Upgrade

  1. e_van says:

    The service .mac is very expensive for the advantages that offer, if they do not add to new characteristics, people wrath going to other services that offer the same but free.

    .Mac user


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