Verizon FIOS Installation

For those interested in the super-super-high-speed FIOS internet connection Verizon is offering in certain cities (check yours), here’s a wonderfully detailed log of one installation, complete with start to finish photos. Once installed, the author was able to download at about 13 MB/sec, and upload at almost 2 MB/sec! That’s just unheard of for a home connection… I want it.

Verizon FIOS Installation

4 thoughts on “Verizon FIOS Installation

  1. Donte Mangiapane says:

    I have been researching the broadband package through verizon fios and the cable provider and satellite company offers. Is there a single person out there consider that cable is really better than Fios high speed internet? It seems that there is no real competition between the two based on network speed and user experience for watching TV.


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